Daughters of the Sea is a zine inspired by the water women of Wales…

we’re creating a print And online platform to celebrate women in cold water surf culture

Why now?

Neoprene is a great leveller.  Squeezed into thick wetsuits, hoods, gloves and boots, we look more seal than human. But the culture of the oceans we play in is not yet equal.

Women who surf, especially those who surf in cold or extreme climates, have long lacked representation in traditional sports media. Daughters of the Sea is a way to look closer; to lift women to the surface of cold water surf culture. The women who, when the temperatures plummet and the rain begins to pour, don’t stop.

The women who #risefierce.

This is your community.

This is your journal. 

We stand for the daylight-chasers, the element-embracers and the storm-seekers. Because your best days are not weather dependent. 

Where you’ll find us…

Travel 53 degrees North. Trace a line of latitude through Russia, Alaska and Canada. Keep going, past Ireland. There you’ll find another wild, windswept country. The map calls it Wales - we call it ‘home’. 

Daughters of the Sea was first inspired by the women who surf here all year round. Our name is borrowed from an ancient Celtic myth that tells of three daughters transformed into seabirds and linked forever to the ocean. 

Photo credit: Chrissie Baldwin ( @makingwavesglobal )

Photo credit: Chrissie Baldwin (@makingwavesglobal)